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2 remaining planned movie posts after this one,(Touch Me In the Morning and Undulations). If you would like any of the others, not marked "posted" that I have, now's the time to ask, and I would be happy to cue them up.

My Personal Passion since I first saw her in American Pie, Lysa Thatcher aka
Lisa Adams|Lanky Flatcher|Lysa Thatcher - Seka's Little Sister|Lisa Thatcher.

While I note that IMDB sets her birthday at Jan 1, 1959, I would have sworn
I watched her in peep shows in the late 1960's, and she wasn't 10. But I'm old,
so maybe not.

I will be posting in 
Why? I don't know.

Anyone having more, I would welcome your posting it.

	Have	Movie Title
1posted	H	A 1001 Erotic Nights
2posted	H	A Place Beyond Shame
3		A Woman's Dream (see Taboo 7 ??)
4posted	H	American Desire
5posted	H	American Pie
6	A	Babes In Joyland (Archive Footage from Neon Nights)
7	AH	Backdoor Girls (Archive Footage)
8		Backing In
9		Backing In 2
10		Bedtime Video 6
11	A	Beyond Shame (see A Place Beyond Shame)
12postedH	Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
13L		Blondes Have More Fun (Lysa Sence)
14		Blue Vanites 67
15		Blue Vanities 203
16		Blue Vanities 222
17		Blue Vanities 270
18		Blue Vanities 280
19	A	Blue Vanities S-533 (Archive Footage)
20		Case of the Missing Seka Master
21		Classic Swedish Erotica 16
22postedH	Coed Fever
23	A	Cornholed Hussies (Archive Footage)
24		Crystal Dawn's Fantasies
25	A	Cumshot Revue 2 (Archive Footage)
26postedH	Daisy May
27		Diamond Collection 247
28		Dorothy Lemay Taboo Teaser
29	A	Double Pleasure (Archive Footage)
30		ED 008 006 The Weightlifer wth Wells & Savage (Loop)
31		Editor's Choice 2
32postedH	Every Which Way She Can
33	L	Exposed
34postedH	Fantasies
35postedH	Fantasy
36postedH	For The Love of Pleasure
37		Fun in A Bun
38	HA	Fun in the Face (Archive Footage from )
39		Gold Or Bust
40postedH	High School Memories
41		Hot Ones
42	A	Jawbreakers (Archive Footage)
43		JC 247 Little Women, with Billy Dee (Loop)
44		JOE-235 Anal Tongues (Loop)`
45		JOE-247 Suck My Fucking Ass wth Veri Knotty (Loop)
46		JOE-254 Brown Hole Babe with Paul Thomas (Loop)
47	A	Kid Stuff (see Little Darlings)
48	AH	Le Sex De Femme 3 (Archive Footage)
49	H	Limited Edition 34 (Sandy West) Lysas sence only
50	L	Little Darlings
51	HL	LL 3302 Jamie's Best Afternoon wth Stephanie Boyd, Gillis
52		Loving Lesbos
53		LTD 0034 Three Hole Lady wth Gillis, Randy Allen (Loop)
54		LTD 0042 Fantasy Girl
55	A	Lusty Ladies (Archive Fottage)
56postedH	Lysa Thatcher Collection
57postedH	Lysa Thatcher The Teenage Years
58		Lysa Thatcher's Fantasies (Archive Footage)
59		Midnight Blue 2
60postedH	Neon Nights
61	L	Never So Deep
62postedH	Oh Those Nurses
63	L	On White Satin
64	LH	P 31 Double Dildo Dames wth Holly Page (Loop)
65		P 34 Macho Muscle (Loop)
66		P 38 Weekend Lust wth Jesse Adams (Loop)
67postedH	Peach Fuzz
68postedH	Pink Punk
69postedH	Playthings
70	AH	Pleasure Productions 2 (Archive Footage)
71	AH	PP 2063 Strawberry Anal with John Seeman (Loop see Showgirl Superstars 12)
72		PP 2090 Games of Lust wth Page, Dee, Morrison (Loop)
73	H	PP 2099 Last Drop with Sue Nero (Loop)
74		PP 2108 Anal Afternoon with Crystal Dawn (Loop)
75	LA	Prom Queen See Lysa Thatcher Collection
76		Red Room and Other Places
77	A	Reincarnation of Don Juan (see The Reincanation of Don Juan)
78postedH	Screaming Orgasms
79postedH	Sexual Heights (as Lisa Adams)
80postedH	Showgirls Superstars 12
81	A	Snow Honeys (Archive Footage)
82	A	Stand By Your Woman (Archive Footage)
83	A	Summer School (see The Summer School)
84	H	Swedish Erotica 25 (I had it here somewhere)
85	H	Swedish Erotica 286
86		Swedish Erotica CLassics 112 Champagne Playboy
87	LH	Swedish Erotica Hard 19
88postedA	Sweet Alice (Archive Footage)
89postedH	Taboo 7: The Wild and the Innocent
90		The Erotic World of Seka
91postedH	The Reincarnation of Don Juan
92postedH	The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue
93	H	The Summer School
94	LH	Three Hole Lady (Loop)
95	H	Touch Me In the Morning
96	L	Trashi
97		True Legends of Adult Cinema: The Unsung Superstars
98	A	Turbo Sex (see Sweet Alice)
99	H	Undulations (as Lisa Adams)
100		Very Best of Seka
101	A	Wild Orgies (Archive Footage)
102	A	Working Girls (Archive Footage)
103		Young Seka's Fulfillment
104		Yummy Nymphs
104		Yummy Youngies with Seka
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