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                         AGE OF CONSENT (1969)
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Run Time: 104 minutes 
Director: Michael Powell
Released: Columbia Pictures 1969

	James Mason
	Helen Mirren
	Jack McGowran
	Neva Carr-Glynn
	Andonia Katsaros
	Clarissa Kaye
Bradley Morahan, a successful Australian artist living in New York, decides to return to his home country to seek new inspiration for his work. On a small island off the east coast he meets Cora, a young woman who becomes his muse and rekindles his love of art.

Strongly recommend the "Special Features" (all of them) be watched.

A very young Helen Mirren's first film in which she claims to perform the first completely-nude scenes in a major (i.e. not porn) film.

First major leading role in a cinema movie for English actress Helen Mirren. Actress Helen Mirren was aged about twenty-two years of age when the picture was made and released.
Very beautiful underwater scenes. 
The movie's opening credits boldly declare in a title card that the picture was "Filmed on the Great Barrier Reef at Dunk Isle, North Queensland". 

Based on the life of Norman Lindsay, later the subject of Sirens (1993).
The film was made and released about thirty-four years after its source autobiographical novel by Norman Lindsay has been first published in 1935. 
James Mason met his future wife Clarissa Kaye-Mason when they appeared together in Age of Consent. Clarissa Kaye played the part of Mason's ex-girlfriend in Australia. Their scene together was filmed in bed, and Clarissa, who was recovering from pneumonia, had a temperature of 103 degrees F. After the filming, Mason began corresponding with Kaye, and the two were married in 1971, and remained so until Mason's death in 1984 

The storyline contains elements of Shakespeare's "The Tempest". Director Powell intended to film Tempest with James Mason as Prospero, and Mia Farrow as Ariel, but failed to get the funding. 
Final theatrical feature film directed by UK director Michael Powell. 
Michael Powell is best known for his "Peeking Tom".
The film's closing credits under Helen Mirren's cast billing specifically and unusually notate that "Miss Mirren is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company [RSC]". Up until that time, Mirren had portrayed supporting roles in three theatrical feature films, one uncredited, Herostratus (1967), and one for the RSC, A Midsummer Night's Dream